I first got involved with Fair Chance about 2.5 years ago. I was struck by the mission and the fact that an investment in Fair Chance helps many small non profits in DC that have great visions but don’t have the capability to grow or sustain. I first got involved with the organization’s search for a new Executive Director. I am proud that I was part of the process to bring on such an experienced and effective leader for the organization. After spending a year on the Board, I accepted the role of Treasurer which I have held for a little over a year. As Treasurer, I see first hand how Fair Chance can help so many worthy non profits with a fairly limited budget. Fair Chance manages expenses and negotiates pro bono support that can be leveraged by many of its partners. I have had the opportunity to talk to the leaders of several Fair Chance partners and they are incredibly appreciative of the help Fair Chance has given them and attribute a lot of their success to this partnership.