As the founder and current board member of Fair Chance I have had the unique opportunity of watching Fair Chance thrive over the past eight years. It has been an honor to be a part of an organization that without question makes a measurable difference in the lives of children and families in Washington D.C. The results speak for themselves. Since 2002, Fair Chance has worked with 40 youth and family organizations and has positively impacted the lives of over 20,000 children. And, thanks to the Fair Chance partnership over 93% of the organizations that we have worked with continue to thrive! In addition, thanks to the Fair Chance partnership, on average our partners are able to double the number of children they serve and triple their annual fundraising income. When people ask me what makes me most proud about founding Fair Chance the answer is simple. I am proud to know that the organizations that Fair Chance supports will continue to be around for years to come to serve the children and families that are truly counting on them. Why invest in Fair Chance? Three reasons. 1. By investing in Fair Chance your dollars are leveraged. You are not simply investing in one charity, you are investing in the future of over 40 thriving youth and family organizations. 2. It is a thoughtful and strategic investment. Your dollars are spent strengthening the organizational infrastructure and guaranteeing the sustainability of these thriving nonprofits. 3. By investing in Fair Chance you are able to make an impact on a variety of issue areas including education, health, job training, and mentoring to name a few.