“Fair Chance is a unique organization in Washington, D.C. As an intermediary organization providing technical assistance to enhance the capacity of youth serving nonprofits in the city, the work of its remarkable and talented staff has served as a life line to many organizations that are making a significant difference in the lives of many in underserved communities in the city. The impact of the services provided has long lasting impact in the life and development of the nonprofit organizations that it serves. Its leadership and staff are committed to the success of young people in Washington, DC. Its model teaches youth serving nonprofit organizations “how to fish” so they may be successful in the long term rather than “give them a fish” for short term sustinance. One such program supported by Fair Chance helps prepare high schoolers for college and experienced a 100% rate of acceptance to college for all program participants. These young people will clearly have an advantage in the job market and their ability to give back to their communities. My many years of work with nonprofit organizations and in the field of organization development make me know this is an important approach to organizational capacity building. Fair Chance is an organization that is making a difference and adding to the long term positive impact on and of young people in DC. Fair Chance ROCKS!!”